Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Feast Day to St. Luke!

I still have 43 minutes to celebrate the feast day of St. Luke, so I thought I would do it by putting up a photo of his attributed masterpiece, Our Lady of Czostachowa, one of the Black Madonnas. According to legend, this beautiful image of the Madonna and Child was painted by St. Luke on the wood of a table built by Christ. The image has been nearly stolen by pagans and desecrated, yet she is still there, gesturing to her son. Some of the desecrations are still miraculously visible, namely the marks on her face. The monks tried to repair the image but any paint that was applied to the area refused to remain. She is known as the Queen and the Protector of Poland for saving the monastery of Jasna Gora from Swedish invaders in the mid-1600s. Jasna Gora is now her home, and I had the privilege of visiting her in February 2011. Ever since that visit I have had a very strong devotion to her, and I have St. Luke to thank for it! Pray for us, St. Luke, and pray for the artists and the doctors of the world!


Shaylynn said...

Hiya Shieldmaiden! It's Nenetta from the forum. :)

I love St. Luke. He was one of my top choices for a confirmation saint (being a patron of artists). I always love hearing about this painting. ^_^

Elestyn said...

I got to go to Mass at Jasna Gora a couple years ago, it was really amazing!
Lovely blog!

Emily Starr said...

Thanks, Elestyn! I was given the opportunity to attend Mass there as well and it was a very moving experience!